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On Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 03:27:04AM +0000, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> The Rambam in Hilchot Tshuva describes tshuva gmura as being in the
> exact same circumstances and committing the same sin. Should one put
> oneself in this position to accomplish tshuva gemura?

Looking closely at the Rambam's wording in 2:2
    ... Veya'id alav Yodeia' Ta'alumos
    shelo yashuv lezeh hacheit le'olam.

    And the One Who Knows Secrets will testify about him that he would not
    ever return to this sin. As it says, "Nor ever again will we call
    our handiwork our God." (Hosheia' 14:4)

So, it's not about not doing it again, but in being in a state where one
wouldn't do it again.

I would also note (as I did in my 10 Yemei Teshuvah Reader, pg 9
<https://www.aishdas.org/10YemeiTeshuvah.pdf#page=11>) that the Rambam
refers to HQBH as Yodeia' Ta'alumos and doesn't choose to speak about
His being lemaalah min hazman. I think he means that Hashem, who Knows
what's going on inside a mind better than the person himself knows,
would testify that the person as they are in that moment wouldn't return
to the sin. And nothing about whether or not the person later backslides
in actuality.

Tir'u baTov!

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