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I wrote:

> For example, if most people want Shabbos shacharis to be on the late side,
> how do you balance that with Zman Krias Shma - and which shita? Or,
> you're okay with reminding them to say Shma before davening, in which case

and R' Micha Berger asked:

> Really, should they be accommodating this "want"? Or is it only okay to
> accomodations for things that would actually cause people to miss minyan,
> so that they have to find the minimum of evils?

I suspect that this is exactly what RJR's original question was about.
Exactly how does one go about juggling these concerns? Which ones should
they accommodate, and which should be ignored? And to what degree? These
are things that cannot be put into a formula or algorithm. It is a great
example of the importance of Shimush.

I would also like to analyze your words a bit, specifically: "things that
would actually cause people to miss minyan". Exactly which "things" would
qualify for this description? I would argue that there is little or nothing
that the shul schedule might say that will actually CAUSE people to miss
minyan. On the other hand, there are a great many things that the schedule
might contain which can strengthen one's yetzer hara, to the point where he
doesn't make a strong enough effort to attend.

I believe the classic example, discussed in the Acharonim, is scheduling
mincha/maariv: If people go home after mincha, they very well might not
come back for maariv.

Akiva Miller
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