[Avodah] Machnisei Rachamim redux

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Mon Sep 6 12:25:49 PDT 2021

> 1- It's not "just" the Gra and R Chaim Volozhiner <
And, AFAIK, it's not in the *nusach* of many *eidos*, whether Mizrach (e.g.
if you can, please point out where "Machnisei Rachamim" is in Yitzchaqi's
*machzor*, https://hebrewbooks.org/51105) or Ma'arav (e.g. KAJ/"Breuer's",
so presumably minhag FfdM).

> The Chasam Sofer said he would spend a long time on Nefilas Aparyim so
that he was busy during the piyut. (OC #166) <
As an *aveil* for most of 5781, I had the *z'chus* to often lead my *minyan*
in *S'lichos*; and I'm not saying "Machnisei."  My Shul's Rav, well-aware
of the issue w/ it, asked me why I was skipping it when it's in *nusach
Lita* (which Elizabeth, NJ follows) -- in response, I noted, *inter alia*,
that most of the *minyan* was already awaiting Qaddish when I was done w/
"Va'anachnu lo neida" (and of course re generally skipping paragraphs, we
certainly skipped a number of *piyutim* today [erev Rosh haShanah])....

> Why assume we are referring to mal'achim?  The Be'er Yaaqov (a commentary
on Selichos by R Chaim Tzevi Font)
explains the following:

Avraham was "av rachaman", Yitzchaq was "yatza ... lacuach basedeh",
Yaaqov -- "haqol qol Yaaqov", and David writes about his own crying,
"sim'ah dim'asi benodekha".

They are the Makhnisei Rachamim, Makhnisei Tefillah, Makhnisei Tze'aqah
and Makhnisei Dim'ah, respectively. <
OK, but other commentaries insist we indeed are praying to *malachim* (e.g.
see https://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=45016&st=&pgnum=28), so is
what you're quoting really an explanation of the writer's intent or just an *ex
post facto* rationale/defense?

Best wishes to all for a
*k'siva vachasima tova*! from
*Michael Poppers* * Elizabeth, NJ, USA
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