[Avodah] Is it a proper warning, or is it lashon hara?

Prof. Levine larry62341 at optonline.net
Mon Sep 20 06:25:55 PDT 2021

At 06:11 AM 9/20/2021, Cantor Wolberg wrote:

> >>  He said, "That hechsher
> >> does not really care if the meat is kosher or not."
>Making a statement like that with no evidence, proof, documentation 
>or anything else is wrong.
>Anyone can make any accusation, but we have a system where there 
>must be proof.
>I think it is wrong to make an unsubstantiated claim.
The person who made this statement works for a national US kashrus 
organization and has been in many of the slaughter houses when the 
hechsher in question slaughters and has seen first hand what goes on. 
His claim is well substantiated by his personal observations.


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