[Avodah] Is it a proper warning, or is it lashon hara?

Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 17:32:03 PDT 2021

Someone wrote the following: (I will not say who wrote it, nor how they
know me. It's even possible that I'm the one who wrote it.)

> A rabbi who I know, and who is involved on the highest level
> with the kashrus for a very large organization, wrote to me
> the following. He said that he had been in meat plants in [a
> certain area] and elsewhere, while shechita was done under
> supervision of [a certain hechsher]. He said, "That hechsher
> does not really care if the meat is kosher or not."

I'd like to hear from other people. What is your opinion? Does the above
paragraph constitute a fair and proper warning for people to avoid that
hechsher, or is it lashon hara? Or might you describe it in some other

Thanks in advance,
Akiva Miller
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