[Avodah] peshuto shel mikra

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Tue Aug 31 07:39:49 PDT 2021

On 30/8/21 12:27 pm, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> I have a theory that I only spot-checked and could use MUCH more work.
> I think Rashi's "peshat" includes anything that explains a grammatical
> anomaly.

Yes, exactly.  Grammar is part of peshat, and when there's an anomaly it 
needs explaining.  Rashi tries first to explain it without resorting to 
agada, and if he can't then he cites only as much from an agada as is 
necessary to explain it, omitting those parts of the same agada that 
aren't necessary for the peshat.

See the booklet "Klalei Rashi", https://www.hebrewbooks.org/30463 , 
based on the LR's hundreds of explanations on various comments by Rashi, 
analyzing each one to explain why he wrote it exactly as he did.

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