[Avodah] peshuto shel mikra

Isaac Balbin isaac at balb.in
Sun Aug 29 18:09:47 PDT 2021

On 28 Aug 2021, at 5:26 am, R' Zev Sero wrote:
> First of all, Rashi *is* peshuto shel mikra.  And in this case Rashi's 
> source is directly from the Sifri.  I think that's more authoritative 
> than the Ramban's sources.

Not necessarily. According to the Sefer Zikaron Al Pirush Rashi (Bakrat),
when Rashi says that he explained Peshuto Shel Mikra that was on the
SPECIFIC Pesukim that Rashi says "Ani Lo Basi *Ela* Lefaresh"

Furthermore according to the Sefer Zikaron, Rashi chooses (a hierarchy)
of the closest Chazals to Pshat, which then gives rise to why he chose
one over another.

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