[Avodah] Deuteronomy 22:17

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Wed Aug 25 15:59:24 PDT 2021

> Our Sages said a lot of different things, and they said a lot of
> contradictory things (sometimes they even contradicted themselves,
> even the greatest of them, as I pointed out in a recent posting).
> Read Ramban on Deuteronomy 22:17.  He disagrees with Rashi, he says
> that the verse means, literally, a bloody sheet, and he gives better
> and more authoritative sources than Rashi.

First of all, Rashi *is* peshuto shel mikra.  And in this case Rashi's 
source is directly from the Sifri.  I think that's more authoritative 
than the Ramban's sources.

But why did you think I was referring to Rashi in the first place?  I 
was referring to the *halacha pesukah* as laid out by the Rambam.  I 
think that as a statement of what TSBP says about this pasuk, that 
carries the day.

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