[Avodah] aseih docheh lo taaseh

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Fri Aug 20 23:48:42 PDT 2021

I think that it is because we cannot know what the world needs, or
what we ourselves need, that the mishnah tells us to be as cautious of
mitzvos qalos as we are of chamuros. Because even though one mitzvah
is a 4 and the other a 10, maybe what the 4 whatevers are is more what
you and your part of Creation needs more than the 10. And therefore
(the mishnah continues) we don't know that the sechar of the mitzvah
chamurah would be greater.

A true kleptomaniac would not logically receive onesh for stealing. 
I, on the other hand, who has not an ounce of desire to steal should not receive s’char for not stealing because it was 
never the slightest temptation for me.

Another analogy is that of the alcoholic. An alcoholic struggles a whole life to be sober. Personally, I hate alcohol and don’t deserve any credit for abstaining. So, of course, we can’t know the s’char of any mitzvah as it relates to specific individuals. Again, it boils down to knowing the whole picture which only God knows.

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