[Avodah] Should Artscroll Be Worried?

Prof. Levine larry62341 at optonline.net
Mon Aug 9 13:51:05 PDT 2021

At 02:18 PM 8/9/2021, Micha Berger wrote:

>Whereas I imagined the reverse...
>I imagine the next Sanherin will figure out a set of gezeiros and repeals
>of existing gezeiros so that I can have access to a full library on my
>e-reader and yet still not drown the sanctity of Shabbos in a deluge of
>"social media" and other mindless web surfing.
>As I said, the reverse -- enabling MORE access to texts, not less.

Perhaps after Moshiach comes our mental capacities will be increased 
so that we will be able to have all of Torah  in our memories.

We have all heard stories of people who knew all of Shas by 
heart.  Rav Dr. Yosef Breuer,  Z"TL, was one of them. One of his 
grandsons recalls learning with him after he lost his eyesight.  He 
would recite the Gemara, RASHI, and Tosafos precisely from memory.


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