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On 29/7/21 3:23 pm, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> Any leads on when the talit katan first was worn (clearly the rishonim 
> discussed it – but was it since Sinai?)

It seems obvious that it is not from Sinai. The gemara seems to take it 
for granted that people at the time of Matan Torah dressed much the same 
way as people did in the gemara's times, and as the Greeks and Romans 
did, by wrapping themselves in square cloaks pinned at the shoulder. 
Thus they wore proper taleisim all day, and had no need for a talles koton.

Taleisim ketanim only came into use when fashions changed and people no 
longer wore sheets all day.  Once normal everyday clothing was no longer 
chayav in tzitzis, it became a problem that people would be going around 
without tzitzis all day, and what would become of the "uz'chartem".  So 
people came up with this bediavad solution, in the form of a garment 
which has four corners but is not worn by `atifa, so they couldn't say 
the proper bracha on it and had to make up a new one that is not 
mentioned in the gemara.

So find out when people started wearing tunics and robes rather than 
wrapped sheets, and you will have your answer.   Definitely post-gemara 
but either pre-rishonim or early rishonim.

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