[Avodah] The_Daily_Rav_Yisroel_Salanter

Prof. Levine larry62341 at optonline.net
Thu Jul 22 03:59:31 PDT 2021

Beginning in 2006 I began sending out daily emails of what I termed 
the Daily RYS.  From the web site

This site contains links to information about how Rav Yisroel 
Salanter (Lipkin), ZT"L, conducted his life and dealt with others. 
Readers may find that some of his ideas, approaches and actions do 
not conform to what s/he sees in the Orthodox world today. Perhaps it 
is time for us to "adjust" those things that are prevalent in the 
Orthodox world that do not conform with Reb Yisroel's teachings.

All of these emails are at


Even though it is now 2021, some may still find these emails of interest today.


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