[Avodah] Coeducational

Joseph Kaplan jkaplan at tenzerlunin.com
Mon Jul 19 14:33:26 PDT 2021

[Please keep the conversation on the Torah issues involved. If you want
to discuss the pragmatics of O life, we have Areivim for that. There
are posts in this discussion that were rejected for drifting off topic.

On Jul 19, 2021, at 5:21 PM, Prof. Levine <larry62341 at optonline.net> wrote:
> Historically some day schools were coed, because it was the only way
> for them to remain viable. R. Avigdor Miller was most certainly not a
> proponent of coed classes, yet the Chelsea Hebrew Day School which he
> started was indeed coed. If not, he could never have gotten this day
> school started...

Just because you say they "were coed because it was the only way for
them to remain viable" doesn't necessarily make it accurate. It may be
accurate about R. Miller's day school. I don't know, though from what I
know about R. Miller it probably is. But that doesn't make it accurate
about HILI or Flatbush or Ramaz or Maimonides. And from what I've read,
it wasn't necessarily the case for all of those schools.


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