[Avodah] Petach Tikva, Secular Studies, and Ivrit

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Wed Jul 14 13:48:41 PDT 2021

All this story tells us is that teaching limudei chol is not actually 
assur, and where it's necessary in order to have a school at all it may 
be done.  But *nobody disputes that*, so citing it is a red herring.  Of 
*course* it is better to teach limudei chol than to shut down the 
school, or not be able to start it.  Even coeducation, with mixed 
classes in the lower grades, can be allowed if necessary, and many quite 
frum schools "out of town" do so.  But everyone will agree that that is 
bediavad; surely nobody will argue that it's lechatchila, let alone that 
it's actually desirable and should be done even when there's no pressure 
to have it!   And the same is true with limudei chol.  They're a 
compromise that schools make because parents demand it, and without them 
the children will be sent to less desirable schools.

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