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So, you have a choice.. Use instant so you can have irui keli rishon, or
have a drink that actually tastes like coffee. <grin>

Putting coffee into a drip filter and pouring the water over the grounds
is not considered borer. This is because the water is entering and leaving
the beans in a single action. It's really, there is no ta'aroves to be
mevarer, if I understand the lomdus correctly. See SA OC 319:9, which says
the same thing about pouring water over dregs, and MB s"q 33 for details.
See also AhS se'if 28, who cites the mishnah on Shabbos 139b.

So much for boreir. As for bishul...

There is no way to make it without irui. So, if you want the safety of using
a keli shelishi, it will have to be irui keli shelishi. The urn being keli
rishon, then pass the water twice (cup to a second cup) BEFORE pouring it
into the filter.

LOR approved, and also seen on OK
as well as
and R Aryeh Liebowitz (Yeshivas Lev Shlomo, Woodmere) on YUTorah at

Tir'u baTov!

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