[Avodah] Moshe Rabenu got rich from the shivrei luchos

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On 4/4/21 7:20 am, Marty Bluke via Avodah wrote:
> Today’s Daf (Yerushalmi Shekalim 14) states that Moshe Rabenu got rich 
> from the pieces of the broken luchos. This statement seems quite strange 
> to me given the living conditions in the midbar.
> 1. They didn’t need to buy any food or water, that came from hashem.
> 2.They lived in tents so did not spend money on housing.
> 3. There was no land to buy.
> 4. Their clothing didn’t wear out.
> 5. No one needed to work.
> So given the above what did it mean to be rich in the midbar? What was 
> the value of the shivrei luchos if there was nothing to buy? How did 
> this wealth affect Moshe’s life in any way?

We know that there were many traders who came to the camp, and brought 
every conceivable item that the Jews might want.  I imagine some even 
set up semi-permanent operations, especially during the 19-year period 
in Kadesh.

So wealth had a use beyond mere status symbol, if someone cared to buy 
luxury goods.  I don't imagine Moshe cared to do so, but as a wealthy 
man he could easily afford to and it was his choice not to.  And who 
knows?  If Rebbi thought it legitimate to spend money on out-of-season 
radishes and lettuce, maybe Moshe did too.

This is why the perennial complainers' argument was bogus; if they 
wanted meat, they had many animals, and if they wanted fish or leeks or 
whatever they could easily buy them.

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