[Avodah] Can a besula become pregnant?

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Sun Jan 3 15:49:09 PST 2021

On 3/1/21 8:32 am, Akiva Miller via Avodah wrote:
> I remember once hearing that there's a chazal somewhere, according to 
> which it is impossible for a besula to become pregnant from her first 
> sexual act. Is this accurate? If so, can someone point me to that 
> chazal? And if there *is* such a chazal, does anyone argue on it?

Yes, it is definitely a maamar chazal, found in several places, e.g. 
Yevamos 34a, Brereshis Raba 45, Yalkut Shimoni Bereshis 16:4.

Exceptions include Hagar, Lot's daughters, Tamar, *perhaps* Leah,

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