[Avodah] Gartel (was Is it permissible to eat while walking outside through a marketplace?

Prof. Levine larry62341 at optonline.net
Sun Jan 3 05:31:30 PST 2021

At 09:49 PM 1/2/2021 ,R Micha Berger wrote:
>The AhS (se'if 4) gives a reason to put a gartl on even if you are
>wearing a belt. The pasuq reads "Hakhon liqras E-lokhekha Yisrael".
>The gemara (Shabbos 10a) gives examples of such hakhanos. The AhS brings
>down this gemara earlier (se'if 1) and refers to it here.
>Putting on a gartl has become a traditional way to prepare oneself to
>meet the RBSO, and even if today's fashion makes it rarely necessary
>for ein libo ro'eh es ha'erva, the AhS believes the practice should not
>be stopped.
>And that's from the Litvisher poseiq known for finding meqoros for
>justifying minhag! I would guess that in Litta, gartelach were far more
>common than among today's "Litvish".

I recall hearing a story about Rav Schwab and a Chosid.  The Chosid 
took off his tie and used it as a gartel for davening.  Rav Schwab 
said,  "He should have left his tie on his neck.  He already had a 
separation between his upper and lower body, since he was wearing a 
belt. Wearing a tie is appropriate for davening"

I doubt that men in LIta wore gartels based on what the AhS 
said.  After all, in Minhagei Lita the author wrote that  no one in 
Lita wore their tzitzis out,  not even the Chofetz Chaim, even though 
the MB says one should wear them out.


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