[Avodah] Women and Torah Learning

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Tue Feb 16 11:16:54 PST 2021

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On Feb 16, 2021 12:58 PM, "Prof. L. Levine" <llevine at stevens.edu> wrote:
> The following is from Rav Schwab on Chumash, page 274

Have to admit this is strange but reflects a weird attitude towards
females May I add that the views of R Schwab are not necessarily in line
with Rav Breuer or Rav SR Hirsch or that they represent daas Torah just
at this point a daas Yachid it warrants further investigation

By the way Rav Schwab personally from the pulpit thanked and praised
the late Isha gedolah Dr Gertrude Hirschler for her abridged trans of
the Hirsch chumash

That was not practical halacha but Torah lishma

Torah hashkofa is complex and single modules or power points do not
reflect the reality on the ground

This is true as all rabbis are humans and MAY and do change positions,the
Rav was a powerful Agudist until 1946 and then joined Mizrachi so I can
guote what he said in 1938 and that would NOT reflect his position later
Rabbi Schwab himself reversed himself in Tide several times ...

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> The following is from Rav Schwab on Chumash, pages 274 - 275.

Besides hilchos Shabbos none of the halachoth  mentioned was taught at the
Breuer's girls high school,some time was spent on secondary subjects that
could gave been used

Rav Schwab was the Board of Ed dean of all KAJ schools

I suspect hilchos Shabbes are taught in most Bath Jacobs in metro NY
And in the KAJ school no text was used no kittzur not even Rabbi Posen's
Amira leBays Yaakov which was designated as a supplementary text but not
formally studied

As the chazal say esmahmeha ?

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