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This is something that Jews don’t know (at least no one that I’ve asked)
and don’t realize that they don’t know and don’t care. The Torah speaks of
many geological structures that we are familiar with, e.g. har/mountains,
yam/sea, major/river.... but the Torah, in many places mentions The Tahom
as if everyone is familiar with it but no one can define it precisely like
we can a mountain, river, or seas which we can point at.

If it’s just deep oceans, then how do we explain the 2nd pasuk in the
Torah? Hashem hovered over the ocean surface but about 100 meters down it
gets dark so we start to call it The Tahom? Is it every underground water
system that opens into a spring? But we are told that one of the four
rivers flows underground until it comes out in Africa. That isn’t called
The Tahom. It’s just an underground river.

Why is this thing so common in Tanach and Chanala as there was one in every
town, and we don’t know what it is, nor even give a second thought?

Regardless of its metaphorical meaning regarding the depth of our soul.

Chaimbaruch Kaufman

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