[Avodah] Shemini Atzeres as a time for Hislamdus

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Mon Oct 19 07:19:04 PDT 2020

On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 10:14:45AM -0400, Joseph Kaplan via Avodah wrote:
> Micha thinks it’s about the ability of “picking the elements they accept out of the ones
> they don't.” That’s not what concerned me at all not do I think that was my failing. Rather, i was concerned with history and educational techniques. 

You cannot just edit the Yad. Once you edit primary texts, they aren't
primary anymore. You are no longer an evolution of the tradition, but
a revolution.

So, either you ignore primary sources that have implications you cannot
accept, and lose opportunity to use large chunks of texts as significant
as the Rambam. Or, you learn to pick out that which you believe is
mesoretic from that which you believe is an erroneous historical artifact.

(As for RSW's use of the text, that was back in the 1960s or '70s...)

Chodesh Tov!
Tir'u baTov!

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