[Avodah] Vayechulu in Fri night Maariv

Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 18:55:37 PDT 2020

Several reasons are given for why we say Vayechulu in Fri night Maariv
*after* the Amidah. Among those reasons (given by Tosfos in Pesachim 106a
"Zochrayhu", and Mechaber 268:7) is this: On a regular Fri night, Vayechulu
is already part of the Maariv Amidah, but it is *not* part of the Maariv
Amidah if that Shabbos would also be Yom Tov. So, to ensure that Vayechulu
gets recited even in such cases, we say it after the Amidah *every* Friday

This procedure does accomplish the stated goal, but it seems
unnecessarily complicated to me. It would have been simpler to just add
Vayechulu to the Amidah in such cases. Is this idea suggested by anyone? Is
it done by anyone?

Is there some reason why adding Vayechulu to the Amidah might be considered
a hefsek or otherwise inappropriate? I note that when Yom Tov falls on
Shabbos, Nusach Ashkenaz *does* add Yismechu B'malchus'cha to the Musaf
Amidah. What makes that different than Vayechulu?

Just wondering. Thanks in advance for whatever ideas anyone has.

Akiva Miller
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