[Avodah] Aruch HaShulchan OC 62:4

wolberg at yebo.co.za wolberg at yebo.co.za
Mon Sep 7 03:41:23 PDT 2020

"And therefore at this time it is forbidden to recite the Shema and
Tefillah and all brochas except in Hebrew.

And so paskened the Geonei Olam for about [the last] eighty years. And
this is the essential halocha."

I have several questions about this.

1. Surely the use of Yiddish translations was very common and accepted?

2. Is this a response to the Reform use of German translations?

3. While the translation of the Shema might be problematic, translation
of shemoneh esrei and brochas is surely not the same issue?

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