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On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 09:48:25AM +0000, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> There are four identical quadruplets brothers, Robert, Simon, Larry and
> Judah. Robert , Larry and Simon are all asymptomatic carriers of the
> corona virus but Judah is not...
> They all go outside to identical public events where their identities are
> not known. Robert infects...
> What shows up on each brothers' permanent record card in shamayim? Is
> it multidimensional?

Rachmana liba ba'i. Their records show each one's lack of concern for
other's safety. Consequences, if they are correlated at all and some
other aspect of hashgachah doesn't overwhelm this rule, megalgelim chov
al yedei chayav. Which implies that who gets whom sick would at most be
*indicative* of guilt for this or other deeds, not the actual thing he
is guilty of.

A person isn't judged for the results of their actions, or even for their
actions themselves. (So, I'm denying both sides of the question in the
subject line.) A person is judged "ba'asher hu sham" -- what kind of
changes those decisions and actions made in themselves.

I would take it for granted it's multidimensional. The person's "permanent
record card" is their own soul. And the effects of their actions can
improve one thing about the soul while damaging something else about it.

A comparatively easy example is tact. a person can make a person that
makes them more truthful, but gains that Emes at the expense of their
drive for Shalom. And even without the previous paragraphs, Hashem isn't
a Vatra -- the person will get the Tov that a more Emesdik soul has a
beis qibbul for, and get less of the Tov that comes with losing some
passion for Shalom.


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