[Avodah] God’s existence

David Riceman driceman at optimum.net
Mon Jul 27 07:36:27 PDT 2020


> Wanted to bounce an idea off of you all.
> I?m doing an ongoing class in Rambam?s Hilchot Yesodei Hatorah
> We compared the Rambam?s concept of ?knowing? (cognitively) Of God?s existence with Rav Lichtenstein?s Source of Faith piece which focuses on experience.
> It seems to me that there was a fundamental paradigm shift (as defined by Thomas Kuhn) probably with the enlightenment and scientific revolution et al
> In thinking about it I would say in general that the traditional yeshiva beit medrash approach ( as articulated by the Rav) does not look at paradigm shift but independent continuity of a unique discipline of halachic man yet here it seems to have taken place

I haven’t read RAL’s essay (link?), but doesn’t RYhL use this idea at the beginning of the Kuzari, a generation before the Rambam?

David Riceman

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