[Avodah] Aruch HaShulchan 32:76

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On 26/7/20 12:36 pm, wolberg--- via Avodah wrote:
> [AhS Yomi for yesterday covered OC 32:73-79. https://www.aishdas.org/ahs-yomi
> -mi]
> Loved the line:   ואותם המחפשים חומרות יתירות -- אין דעת חכמים נוחה מהם.
>      [Ve'osam hamchapsim chumeros yeseiros --
>      ein da'as chakhamim nochah heimenu.
>      [And those who seek additional chumros -- the chachamim's thoughts
>      about him are uneasy / wise opinions don't rest easily with him."
>      -mi]
> Any comment on it?

I think "yeseros" here means "superfluous", rather than merely 
"additional".  Of course that begs the question, but I think that in 
general it's a statement of principle, not a rule for practice, though 
in this instance the AhS gives his opinion on what is superfluous.

(I'd also translate "ein daas chachomim nocha meihem" less literally, as 
"Torah authorities do not approve of them", or even, riskily, "Daas 
Torah does not approve of them".)

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