[Avodah] Subject: Re: zoom minyan

Danny Schoemann doniels at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 00:59:57 PDT 2020

Just catching up and the message from R' Joel Rich on  Sun, 24 May
2020 caught my eye.

RJJ wrote:
> In the case of the woman putting on a tallis without tzitzis- there
>  was no real reason why she could not wear the tallit with tzitzis
>  - ie fulfil the mitzvah (except her rabbi told her not to), so why
> would you be satisfied with second best.

I'm not so sure about the  "no real reason why she could not wear the
tallit with tzitzis" part.

In Hil. Tzitzis 3:9 the Rambam says that women don't make a brocho on a Tallis.

In [30] the Hag. Maimoniyos brings an interesting concept "in the name
of a Gadol": Those Mitzvos which can cause an Aveiro, women don't do.
E.g. Tefillin could cause "Erva" issues with her exposed hair, Shofar
could cause carrying in a public domain.

Along those lines one could argue that a tallis may also cause one to
carry in the public domain if not tied properly, or strings break off,

Just a thought,

- Danny

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