[Avodah] Risk Reward

Rich, Joel JRich at Segalco.com
Tue Jul 7 14:44:42 PDT 2020

A note I wrote To a pulpit rabbi:

I strongly support a recent discussion concerning return to synagogue. I
do have to say that there's one point that I deeply disagree on. Maybe
it's a matter of nuance that cannot be communicated in trying times to
the general public.

I don't believe that flattening the curve has no halachic import. In fact
as a community we are always making this kind of trade off. If not why
wouldn't we spend every dollar we have on improving public health. The
answer per R' Schachter and R' Weiss is that's the way the world operates.

Bottom line risk reward tradeoffs are often very difficult. Personally I'd
prefer we be more open and honest about them and have public discussion
but realize that may not be practical

So what is the halachic philosophy of risk/reward? perhaps a starting
point The cohain gadol and the alternates for himself or wife on Yom

Kt Joel Rich

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