[Avodah] Induction stovetop

Marty Bluke marty.bluke at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 00:13:36 PDT 2020

R’ Simon Montagu asked:
> That said, I really don't understand why BA is an issue at all in a
> Jewish-owned restaurant with kosher supervision. None of the reasons for
> the gezeira seem to apply....

This would seem to be a classic case of davar shebminyan tzorich minyan
acher lhatiro which we don’t have. There are many gezeras that we observe
today even though the reason behind the gezera no longer applies. For
example, taking medicine on shabbos is prohibited because you may grind the
ingredients. In today’s world of pills the reason no longer applies yet
most poskim still prohibit taking pills for something like a headache.
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