[Avodah] Induction stovetop halachic status

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Thu Jul 2 16:02:21 PDT 2020

On Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 01:23:32AM +0300, Simon Montagu via Avodah wrote:
>> Glowing hot metal is included in "fire".  Here there is no fire at all.
>> The pot simply gets hot of its own accord, just as in a microwave the
>> food gets hot of its own accord.

> What is the difference between metal heated by an electric current and
> metal heated by a magnetic field?

I believe Zev is saying that the induction cooker doesn't cause any metal
to glow.

However, when you cook on an old-school electric stove, the coil will glow.
And glowing is included in "eish".

(I'm not sure about the last part. I think it would depend on whether
causing a gachales shel mateches is bishul or havarah.)

Tir'u baTov!

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