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Mon Jun 29 15:55:18 PDT 2020

RDH in Avodah V38n52:
> For the first time I recited it tonight by myself, omitting shalom
aleichem. Has anyone seen this discussed by poskim in the last few months? <
In the past few months, I've only seen one brief Hakhel
<http://www.hakhel.info/index.htm> mention (from Nisan 5780:


17.  *Kiddush Levana* may be said *b’yechidus*. If there are 3 men over
bar-mitzva at home, then it is preferable for them to say Kiddush Levana

18.  “*Shalom aleichem – aleichem shalom*” may be said even when saying
*kiddush levana* yourself. Just say both lines yourself.

).  This MiYodeya page lists one source (last response) and two anecdotes
re the topic of saying "Shalom Aleichem" when alone:
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