[Avodah] Waiting to Daven Maariv on Shavuous

Prof. L. Levine llevine at stevens.edu
Fri May 22 11:23:01 PDT 2020

Virtually every shul will wait on the first night of Shavuous to daven Maariv after Tza'as HaKochovim.  Many may be surprised to learn that this was not the practice in the Ashkenazic world in the time of the Rishonim. Also, it was not the practice of some Achronim.

The selections at http://personal.stevens.edu/~llevine/maariv_on_shavuous.pdf are taken from the sefer Sheirushei Minhag Ashkenaz, volume 4, by Rabbi Benyamin Shlomo Hamburger.  Anyone interested in going back to the old-time religion and davening early  this coming Thursday evening?

Yitzchok Levine

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