[Avodah] Joining the Shacharis minyan at Yishtabach

Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:36:11 PDT 2020

The Vaad Harabanim of Baltimore began permitting outdoor minyanim as of
last night. Among their many guidelines is this:

<<< Minyanim should move efficiently in order to minimize exposure.
Consider ... davening psukei d'zimra at home and joining the Shacharis
minyan at Yishtabach. >>>

Similar advice was included in the guidelines proposed by both the OU and
Agudah a few weeks ago. My question is how to implement this in a practical
way without creating a hefsek between Baruch She'amar and Yishtabach.

The simplest idea that comes to my mind is to begin Pesukei d'Zimra at
home, and pause on the way to minyan to say another paragraph (or several)
and then keep walking. Pause again for more davening, and then continue on
your way. Each pause must be no longer than the time it usually takes to
say all of Pesukei D'Zimra, and each section of davening must be at least
one pasuk long. Thus one should try to arrive at the minyan with a page or
so remaining prior to Yishtabach, so that there will be no hefsek while
waiting for the minyan to arrive.

I have no sources whatsoever for any of the above. It is all based merely
on my general understanding of the rules of hefsek. (Also: I am aware that
in certain minyanim throughout the world, there is no organization or
coordination whatsoever until the shliach tzibur reaches Yishtabach. I have
never figured out how those people set the speed of their davening, and
I've presumed that there is an unpublicized awareness of what time the
shliach tzibur will begin Yishtabach.)

Does anyone have any comments or corrections? How do y'all plan to
implement this procedure of "davening psukei d'zimra at home and joining
the Shacharis minyan at Yishtabach"?

Akiva Miller
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