[Avodah] Yaysay v'Yaychol

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Kol dichfin, yaysay v'yaychol!
All who are hungry, come and eat!

Really??? This year too???

But we aren't merely refraining from inviting guests. We've gone so far as
to ask close family to stay away, even those we've often hosted in past

Surely this question will be asked at many sedarim this year, and I found a
possible answer in one of my hagados. Before I share what that haggada
said, I'd like to point out that even in a normal year, it would be odd and
awkward to invite a guest to the meal after we've already said Kiddush.
Perhaps this paragraph is NOT the open-door invitation that it appears to

The title of this all-Hebrew Haggadah is "Haggada Berurah", subtitled
"Seder Layl Pesach im piskei Mishah Berurah", and lots of other peirushim
too, authored by Hanan Minkowich in 5752. my edition is from 1995. He
offers the following comments, in the name of either the Masseh Hashem or
the Maaseh Nissim, (I can't really tell which; maybe the Maaseh Nissim got
it from the Maaseh Hashem.) Here's my very loose translation:

> Ha Lachma Anya is a sort of Kinah, which was established in Bavel as a
kiyum of "Im Lo Aaleh Es Yerushalayim Al Rosh Simchasi." When the Beis
Hamikdash stood, the Korban Pesach was eaten only by those who had signed
up for it, which does not apply today. So we are m'konen, we lament that
this is merely poor bread; anyone can come and eat it, for we have no
Korban Pesach to sign up for. And then, before continuing with the Story,
we have the consolation that "This year we are here, next year etc etc"

(Very similar thoughts are at the top of page 68 in the ArtScroll Haggadah,
but I didn't understand it well until I saw this version.)

Akiva Miller
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