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R' Yitzchok Levine posted From the YI of Midwood:

> Mashiv Haruch: If your minhag is to say Morid Hatal in the
> summer than you should begin saying Morid Hatal at Mussaf of
> the 1st day of Yom Tov. If your minhag is not to say Morid
> Hatal, then there is some question this year whether you
> should change over at Mussaf or at Mincha. R' Hershel Schachter
> has suggested that at Mussaf you should say Morid Hatal - even
> though this is not usually your minhag - and then transition
> to your usual summer minhag of not saying either Mashiv Haruach
> or Morid Hatal at mincha.

I saw Rav Schachter's teshuva, and he does indeed say exactly that. But I
suspect that this response is based on a presumption that under normal
circumstances, Tefilas Tal is said by the chazan prior to Musaf, and then
everyone's silent Musaf will be the same way as it will be for the rest of
the summer (with Morid Hatal or just going straight to Atah Gibor).

But if one's community (like mine) usually puts Tefilas Tal into the
Chazaras Hashatz of Musaf, then everyone's silent Musaf contains Mashiv
Haruach, just as it has all winter long. That's how it is done every year;
why not this year as well? If I can say Mashiv Haruach every other year on
the first Musaf of Pesach, why not this year?

Akiva Miller
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