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Wed Mar 25 13:40:14 PDT 2020

On 25/3/20 2:31 am, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> A rav visiting a high school spoke to the students concerning acceptable 
> approaches to avodat hashem. His major point was that they’re all ok as 
> long as they have a gadol who supports the approach. I wondered to the 
> student whether the rav, who identified with a branch of chassidut, felt 
> the irony of making such a statement when chassidut’s originator would 
> have failed this test. Thoughts?
> Kt

He had plenty of gedolim who supported his approach, both among his 
colleagues in the Tzadikim Nistarim movement, and of course his rebbe, 
Achiyah Hashiloni.

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