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On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 08:52:08AM -0500, Michael Poppers via Avodah wrote:
>> Nahum Sarna says: "The use of numerical symmetry...."

> One set of numbers that stands out to me is the shilush (see K'li Yaqar and
> loc.!) of 133-137-133 in the P'Vaeira yichus parasha.

To me shilush refers to the human condition.

When a cartoon character has a little angel anda little devil on each
shoulder, you get three variants of the character's face.

Humans are in dialectic -- there is the "I" sort of "watching" the
conflicting sides of the debate. "I" have to decide between my spiritual
side and my physical one. (Or whichever two sides are in conflict.)

The two conflicting sides plus the decider equals 3.

Thus, Echad E-lokeinu bashamayim uva'aretz.

Who gave us shenu luchos haberis -- structured as a dialectic. The
first 5 diberos are about how to receive (primarily Hashem's Good, but
kibud av va'eim is in the same image), and the second 5 how to give.
The dialectic is caused by the fact that the greatest Good Hashem can
give us is the chance for vehaalakhta bidrachav and to give to others.

The three avos now work the dialectic tension, as above.

Thus, as the KY says there (6:14), the Torah is an oraisa telisa'ah which
had to be given al yedei sheivet meshulash -- Levi having the tools to
balance Re'uvein's and Shim'on's excesses.

Tir'u baTov!

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