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On 11/9/19 4:09 am, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> What is daat? When we say a cheresh, shoteh or katan doesn’t have it, it 
> seems like intellectual acuity. Some commentaries link daat to bechira 
> (choice – as in eitz hadaat tov v’ra). Is it possible to have intellect 
> without choice or choice without intellect?

Daat is perception.   Chochma is the initial flash of inspiration, that 
is represented in cartoons by a light bulb.  You know that you have it, 
but you don't yet know what it is.  It's a point.  Binah is the 
expansion of that flash into an actual idea that can be understood. 
Daat is the application of the idea to choices; perceiving how it 
relates to the outside world, how it ought to affect ones feelings and 
therefore ones actions.  The decisions of Daat then flow down through 
the Metzar Hagaron to be expressed in the six middot, and their output 
is communicated to the outside world by Malchut.

Men are stronger in Chochma and Daat, women are stronger in Binah. They 
can take an idea and see all its implications, but tend to be weak at 
applying it to control their decision-making process.

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