[Avodah] What does "teruah" mean?

Sholom Simon sholom at aishdas.org
Mon Sep 9 05:57:01 PDT 2019

What does "teruah" mean?  Most definitions I've seen are along the lines of
something like "shout with joy" -- Jastrow points me towards הריעה.
(hariyah -- hey-reish-yud-heh) which in modern day Hebrew (al pi HaRav
Google) is "cheers".

That fits many places (e.g., Tehillim 150 "b'tziltzilei truah").

It seems somewhat related in Tehillim 27 (zivchei teruah), although
somebody (was it Rashi?) connects it to the two-letter shoresh "reish ayin"
meaning friend (pointing to a pasuk related to Bilaam).

Both of those seem to have positive connotations.

But it's not apparent to me how this definition squares with "Yom Teruah"
(ok, maybe), but harder is the shofar sound of teruah, which is supposed to
be a sigh (or cry?).



-- Sholom
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