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On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 11:11:50PM -0400, Akiva Miller via Avodah wrote:
> Rabbenu Bachye on Shmos 12:2 quotes Rabbenu Chananel, that for the 40 years
> in the Midbar, Kiddush Hachodesh must have been Al Pi Cheshbon, and not Al
> Pi R'iyah, because the moon (and sun) could not be seen for that entire
> time, because the Ananei Hakavod were blocking the view...

They hold that qiddush hachodesh was ALWAYS al pi cheshbon, that re'iyah
is part of court procedings, but was never intended to be how BD chose
the date.

To quote "Vekhasav Rabeinu Chananeil z"l: Qevi'us hachadashim eino ela
al pi hacheshbon..." A raayah is brought from Shemu'el I "hinei chodesh
machar". See there fore details.

What you bring about the cloud and the amud ha'eish making re'iyah
impossible is just his first ecample among many.

Also, R Chananel is quoted as saying "velo ra'u bekhulam shemesh bayom
velo yareiach balaylah." So, not being able to see the sliver of moon
for eidus for RC doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't tell when the
moon was too full to be the 9th anymore. Maybe they couldn't see if it
was exactrly round, but 9 be'Av is just a shade more than half.

As for an actual on-topic answer.... Still doing my research. The question
of "bein bizmanan bein shelo mizmanan" is bugging me.


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