[Avodah] Boray M'oray Ha'esh on Tisha B'Av

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Wed Aug 7 04:58:09 PDT 2019

Here's the schedule for this coming Shabbos afternoon (i.e., when Tisha
B'Av or its observance is Motzaei Shabbos), as it is always announced at my
shul: Everyone has Shalosh Seudos at home, finishing by shkia. After tzeis,
we say Baruch Hamavdil, remove our shoes, and go back to shul - by car if
desired. In shul, we daven Maariv, someone says Boray M'oray Haeish on a
candle for the tzibur, and we read Eicha.

My question is: Is it preferable to do a united Boray M'oray Ha'esh in
shul, or to do it individually at home?

The whole rest of the year, a full Havdala is done in shul, but most people
are not yotzay with it, preferring to say it themselves at home. I can't
speak for anyone else, but my reasons for saying Havdala at home include:
being motzi my family, concerns about hearing the chazan well enough, and
how much hanaah I'm getting from the light. (On a regular Motzaei Shabbos,
there is also the need to smell the besamim.) These reasons will apply on
Tisha B'Av as well, right? Granted that the Kos and Besamim are absent, but
is there any reason to cut corners on the Ner?

I'm curious what other people do. I can't think of any reason not to say it
at home after removing my shoes, but maybe others can think of reasons.

With tefilos that this question might yet become academic even this very
Akiva Miller
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