[Avodah] Paying your workers on time using electronic payments

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Mon Jun 24 07:58:06 PDT 2019

On 24/6/19 7:37 am, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> While we’re on the topic is it clear that fiat money which certainly
> did not exist at matan Torah is considered cash?
Coins probably didn't exist at matan Torah either.  A shekel was a 
weight, and you would pay by putting bits of metal on a scale until you 
had enough.  And by Chazal's day coins had become a form of "fiat 
money", since they were often underweight but were expected to be 
accepted at their official weight.

At any rate I've seen a teshuva of the Chasam Sofer saying that "kesef" 
means whatever the local government has designated as currency, and 
circulates as such.  (If the government's currency doesn't circulate, 
this invalidates the government.)  So that a paper bill is not a shtar 
but kesef.

(We've discussed the history of coins before.  Secular archaeology says 
  they were invented in the late Bayit Rishon era.  But this seems to 
conflict with Chazal's understanding of "Vetzarta Hakesef".)

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