[Avodah] Calling a Woman by Her First Name

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Calling a Woman by Her First Name

In bungalow colonies men tend to be in the presence of women more frequently than during the rest of the year. One should not call other peoples'  wives by their first name. One can be lenient in regard to relatives such as his aunts or cousins. Unfortunately, many people are not careful with this and it leads to an excess of familiarity. Tznius is something that is learned, and the best way to promote an elevated level of tznius is to be extra stringent in a summer related setting such as bungalow colonies etc. One should use chuchmah and seichel to avoid putting himself into potentially harmful situations. Tiny breaches, if not controlled, can be openings for dangerous situations. Therefore, one should talk in a manner that reflects tznius and self control. 83

83.   Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita, see Bach E.H. 21, Taz 21:1, Ben Yehuyoda Sotah 2a:page 109 (new), Divrei Chachumim page 256, Rivevos Ephraim 6:402:page 440, Sharei Halacha U’minhag E.H. page 147, Teharas Hamisphacha page 240. The custom is to be lenient in regard to calling a non-Jewish woman by her first name (Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita). Refer to Yisroel Kedoshim pages 165-169. Refer to Sdei Chemed chof:120:page 203, Darchei Chaim V’sholom page 372:1063, Minchas Elazar 3:13, Bais Avi 2:121, Betzel Hachuchma 4:70 Yismach Lev 1:pages 255-256, if a man can call his wife by her name.

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