[Avodah] International Humanitarian Law in Halachah

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Fri May 24 07:55:31 PDT 2019

The whole question doesn't begin, because there is no such thing as 
binding international law in the sense that national laws are considered 

The UN *cannot* "vote in a law".   The UN is not a world government or a 
legislature; it is simply a club for sovereign countries to talk to each 
other and negotiate voluntary agreements among themselves.   Even under 
its own rules, the only body that can make "binding" resolutions is the 
Security Council, and only those resolutions adopted under Chapter 7; 
but even those are only binding because UN members agree to be bound by 

Treaties are binding only to the extent that countries agree to be bound 
by them; a country can repudiate it at will.  The main reason not to is 
that it will then not get the benefits that were the reason it agreed to 
the treaty in the first place.

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