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Sholom Simon sholom at aishdas.org
Wed May 22 19:47:52 PDT 2019

R Akiva Miller was asking about how to count syllables with a shva na,
and also about the chataf vowels.

My (very limited) understanding, or perception, is that:
(a) it's sort of "half" (or some smaller fraction) of a syllable; and
(b) the sound is equivalent to a chataf vowel (as well as the fact that
it's a partial syllable)

(As for "b", I once asked RSM: if the sound of a shva na and a chataf is
the same, why did ben Asher use a chataf instead of a shva na, or vice
versa in particular places: I *think* RSM responded that in some cases
it was to remind us to vocalize it, but in other cases, we don't really
know why he chose one over the other.)

(And, another tangent, someone earlier was asking about the difference
between a shuruk and a kubbutz and stated something to the effect that
there must be a difference, otherwise why would there be two ways to
write the vowel.  RSM asserted (orally, to me) that, aderaba, the sound
is exactly the same.  And then I asked the same question: why did ben
Asher choose one over the other in various places.  RSM (again, to the
best of my recollection) said something like: he preferred a shuruk when
possible, but we don't really know exactly why.  RSM, if you're reading
this, please correct me -- these are recollections from 10 years ago!)

Keitzad half of a syllable?  Think of the last pasuk in Tehillim: "kol
han*shama" . . .  is han'shama 3 syllables?  Or 4?  Or 3-1/3?  (I dunno
. . . )

-- Sholom
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