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> He doesn't says both sevaros are shayyach to both situations. He says one
>> sevara is shayyach in one situation and the other sevara is shayyach in the
>> other situation. (So "Shayach doesn't mean relevant. It means it fits that
>> particluar situation.)
>> Meaning, that the disputants are disagreeing over whether it is sevara
"A'  that applies to and determines the halacha a certain way in
scenario"X," or that it is sevarah "B" that applies and determines the
halacha otherwise, *in that same scenario*. If the disputants are each
talking about a different scenario, they are talking past each other. They
would not be demonstrating much wisdom in arguing and bringing evidence for
their opinions. If you say it's daytime and I say it's nighttime, but you
are talking about  one side of the earth and I'm talking about the other
side of the earth, we would be foolish to argue.

Zvi Lampel

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