[Avodah] KeBeitzah

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Mon Apr 15 02:45:01 PDT 2019


RYGB holds this up as proof that RCN's shiurim are iqar hadin. I think
they're still a shade too large, actually.

And then we have the dessicated olives from Masadah, which say the same
thing about the kezayis of chazal's day being the same as today's olives.


>From JPost

    First Temple-era eggshells offer crack at historical eating habits -
    Israel News - Jerusalem Post

    An eggy history mystery has been put back together again in the City of
    David, just in time for the Seder.

    APRIL 14, 2019 17:53

    Eggshells from the First Temple period were found during archaeological
    excavations in the City of David in Jerusalem, and were recently put
    back together again by Prof. Zohar Amar from Bar-Ilan University.
    Using an algorithm developed by the Israel Antiquities Authority's Dr.
    Avshalom Karasik to rebuild pottery vessels, Amar found that the egg
    fragments enjoyed by the people of Israel during the First Temple
    period showed that eggs then were the same size as the eggs we enjoy
    today on the Seder table, where hard-boiled eggs are a traditional

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