[Avodah] Exactly when did we leave Mitzrayim?

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Sun Apr 14 10:27:04 PDT 2019

I asked:
> Where is the border of Mitzrayim? On exactly which day (hour?
> minute?) did we "leave Mitzrayim"? On 16 Nisan, were we already
> out of Mitzrayim, or were we still in the process of leaving?

At least according to Ramban, the answer is very clearly: Yes, by the 16th
we were already out. On Shemos 12:51, "B'etzem hayom hazeh", he writes that
on Layl Shimurim, Paro gave us permission to leave, and that made us Bnei
Chorin. But it was the next day that we went out "mikol g'vul mitzrayim" -
from the entire border of Egypt.

Until I saw this Ramban, I had wondered if the shore of the Yam Suf was
still within the border of Mitzrayim, which would have made it very simple
to understand why the day we crossed the Yam is part of Pesach.

But at least according to this Ramban, the Yam Suf is almost a week past
the border of Mitzrayim. If there are any other de'os who either agree or
disagree with Ramban on this, please let me know. Until then, I will need
to understand (and explain at the Seder) why R' Yosi Haglili (and the
calculations of the makos at the yam) and Dayenu aren't off-topic. After
all, Yetzias Mitzrayim was over and done with, almost a week before Krias
Yam Suf.

For now, I plan to say that Maggid is *not* only about Yetzias Mitzrayim.
Just as proper understanding of a story includes its prologue (Arami Oved
Avi, for example), so too must it include the epilogue. Pesach is not just
a Zecher Liytzias Mitzrayim - it is about Zman Cherusenu, and we were not
totally free until we reached the other side of the Yam Suf.

Akiva Miller
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