[Avodah] Gebrockts, matza, and butter

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Fri Apr 12 13:30:43 PDT 2019

The tradition of the Lubavitcher rebbes is that there is no problem 
brocking with mei peiros, *provided* one can be sure the mei peiros are 
pure, without a drop of water.  E.g. one carefully dried a cup and then 
squeezed a fruit into it, or dried a bucket and milked a cow into it.

The Rebbe Rashab would have what they called "shmura wine" made 
specially for him, i.e. care was taken that no water be mixed with the 
wine after fermentation, so that he could brock in it.  (Water that gets 
into the grape juice before fermentation becomes wine, so it's not a 

Commercial milk is absolutely certain to contain water, so brocking with 
them would not be allowed.  But commercial butter has all the water 
squeezed out, so I imagine it would be OK.  Home-made butter made from 
commercial milk would not be OK, because it retains water.

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