[Avodah] Is the Superbowl Kosher?

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> The stam beraisa (AZ 18b) prohibited going to itztadinin (stadia) mipenei
> moshav leivim. R' Nasan permits, because he may be able to scream and
> save someone, or at least prevent his widow from becoming an agunah.

How are we defining moshav leitzim?  We often use the word "scoffer", but
that doesn't seem to fit here.  Rashi uses the phrase "s'chok v'leitzanus"
to explain what happens at a karkom (Rashi says siege), as well as
explaining bukyon, mukyon, lulyon, and salgaryon as being "minei leitzanim"
- but would this definition of leitzanus apply more to a football game than
to a baseball game?

Interestingly, the Bach changes the phrase "she-hein moshav leitzim" by the
stadium to "she-hein shofchei damim", which may tilt the discussion back
toward your particular concern over violent sports.

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